Residential Aged Care & Respite

Helping you navigate Aged Care funding & services.

Finding The Right Aged Care Home Can Be A Daunting Process.

We can research the available facilities for you and provide you with a short list of the best value and best quality homes to make the process quicker, and easier and give you confidence in the result.

We’ll also help you understand the costs and support the admission process.


How We Help

Residential Placement Package

  • Understand the costs and services available in respite and residential aged care
  • Research available homes that match your preferences, meet quality requirements and provide value for money
  • Provide you with a short list of best-matched facilities
  • Arrange tours for you and support your decision process
  • Support the admission to your chosen facility

Where Am I On The Journey?

Whether you’re considering Home Care Services, Residential Aged Care Services, or just need help responding to a change, let us help you navigate Aged Care Services & funding.

Daughter taking care of her elderly mother

At The Start

I have identified a need for support and want to understand options.

older man getting help from his daughter and carer

On My Way

I’ve registered with My Aged Care but don’t have enough support.

mother and daughter getting care

Something Has Changed

My situation has changed and I need help immediately.

Sunbird Aged Care Navigation

Sunbird Aged Care Navigation will wrap support around you to decrease stress and get you a quicker outcome to access Aged Care Services for you or your loved one.

Home Care


Help to understand what is available, access funding, find the right Home Care Package provider and get value for money.

Residential Aged Care & Respite


We take the stress out of finding the right residential home or respite facility.

Aged Care Navigation & Consulting


On demand advice when you need it.