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Guiding Your Journey:

Taking the stress out of accessing Aged Care Services.

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Where Am I On The Journey?

Whether you’re considering Home Care Services, Residential Aged Care Services, or just need help responding to a change, let us help you navigate Aged Care Services & funding.

Daughter taking care of her elderly mother

At The Start

I have identified a need for support and want to understand options.

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On My Way

I’ve registered with My Aged Care but don’t have enough support.

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Something Has Changed

My situation has changed and I need help immediately.

Sunbird Aged Care Navigation

Sunbird Aged Care Navigation will wrap support around you to decrease stress and get you a quicker outcome to access Aged Care Services for you or your loved one.

Home Care


Help to understand what is available, access funding, find the right Home Care Package provider and get value for money.

Residential Aged Care & Respite


We take the stress out of finding the right residential home or respite facility.

Aged Care Navigation & Consulting


On demand advice when you need it.

Why Choose Sunbird Aged Care Navigation?


At Sunbird Aged Care Navigation, we understand that the aging process can be a difficult time for both seniors and their families. We’re here to help you through every step, from accessing funding to arranging and managing care.  Our experienced Aged Care Navigators will take the stress out of accessing Aged Care Services, and save you time and money.

We’ll work with you to select a quality Home Care or Residential provider and engage in safe conversations around aging positivity. Most importantly, we’ll be there at every stage of the process to make sure your loved ones get the support they need. Don’t go through this difficult time alone. Contact Sunbird Aged Care Navigation today.

Where We Began


Michelle moved up to Cairns in 2020 to support her mother, Nola who has a terminal illness and was living with mobility issues, neuropathy and osteoarthritis. Nola had tried to access aged care services support herself, however, the services were inconsistent and insufficient for her needs. Working in the Aged Care Services sector, Michelle knew Nola could access more funding and better support, and immediately went about navigating the system to ensure her mum received the support she needed.

Nola now has consistent and reliable access to cleaning, maintenance, massage, podiatry, exercise and social support services. She also has various home aids, along with mobility aids such as a lift chair, walkers, and walking stick.  With the support in place, Nola has remained independent in her home.  It was at this point Michelle realised how many others were in the same situation as her mum was, not getting the support they needed.

This resulted in a new passion and a career re-direction.  Michelle founded Sunbird Aged Care Navigation to make sure seniors and families were not left without the support they need.  With Sunbird families have an expert on their side, to navigate the system and advocate for the family, explaining options and costs, and ensuring they get the Aged Care Services support they are entitled to, delivered in the most efficient and effective way.

What Our Clients Say

Navigating the Aged Care system can be confronting and challenging. With the help of the skilled Sunbird Consulting group, our family felt confident and supported in the decision-making processes required. Michelle’s empathy, support, and extensive knowledge of the Aged Care system exceeded our expectations.

Without hesitation, I would recommend the services of Sunbird Consulting.

Desley, Gordonvale, QLD

I am a busy clinical nurse working 4 days a week with little extra time to spend trying to assess all the providers that were available to our mum. I was very pleased to find a nurse navigator in Sunbird who did all the 'leg work' for us. Made the choice much easier with minimal fuss. The advice and support we received from them was invaluable. I was very happy to outsource this important detective work to a professional company devoted to aged care with thorough knowledge of the system. Happy customer

Wendy Fry

Michelle and her team have provided me with empathetic and knowledgeable support in navigating the complexities of Australia’s aged care system. I came to them when my aging parents suddenly needed additional care to support them in their own home. My sister and I live an hour and a half’s drive away from them and are unable to be there daily for them. Within a very short time, we were provided with a comprehensive report containing the names and contact details of all aged care support groups in their local area together with details of individuals who could be hired to provide specific services on demand as required whilst we await an ACAT assessment. I thoroughly recommend Sunbird’s services to anyone needing skilled and compassionate advice on most aspects of Australia’s aged care system.

Colin McGuinness

For eight months, at least, I tried over and over, unsuccessfully I might add, to have my case heard and to arrange for an ACAT assessment.
Fortunately for me, I was handed a business card for a company that specialises in Aged Care Navigation.

Michelle was absolutely amazing. After a brief one-on-one meeting, she gathered all the information she needed to go to bat for me. The next thing to happen was Michelle ringing me to say that I had been placed on the high-priority list and that she had arranged for my ACAT assessment to be in the next three weeks.
Michelle impressed me with her compassion, her understanding, her willingness to listen, and her absolute professionalism.

Trevor Drain

I can’t thank you enough for your amazing help & incredible knowledge, and all your lovely ladies for their time and patience.

I love what you are doing and hope that your business continues to grow & prosper! It is a vital service for the most worthiest of people.

Emma, Cairns, QLD

March 2023

Thank you again for everything you do Michelle. Dad and I couldn’t have got through this without your help.

Deb, Cairns, QLD

August 2023

Thankyou for everything you are doing for us. It's such a relief to know you are there.

Ree, Cairns, QLD

September 2023

When I first heard of this service, I thought it may help me wade through the heaps of forms & requirements that are associated with Government Depts.

I registered with My Aged Care in September 2022 & then contacted Sunbird Consulting Services. Within 2 weeks I had gained approval for a A.C.A.T. face to face assessment 2 weeks later. It is now mid November and all the approvals are in place.

This outcome would not have progress to this early result without the input of Michelle & Melynda of Sunbird Consulting Services.

I could not recommend this service more highly. Fast, courteous service. Great communications. And great outcomes. Thank you once again for the service that you have provided.

Graham, Grenfell, NSW

November 2022

I recently felt I needed more support with everyday living and support in the community. I had made some calls to try to arrange it myself but had been unsuccessful.

I was introduced to Michelle who kindly guided me in the right direction, and within a few weeks, my needs were assessed by My Aged Care and the Aged Care Assessment Team. I feel more confident already and I can now see a future where I can stay independent in my own home (without the need for residential care). I recommend Michelle for her guidance skills, her kindness and her interest in my needs.

Fay, Gordonvale, QLD

At 73 years old and having had brain surgery, a few falls and needing a knee replacement, I realised I neede dextra help in leading my daily life.

Trying to get help was a nightmare. I was introduced to Michelle, and her information on such services was a miracle for me. Michelle knoew the contacts and the process, and now I'm in the queue to be assessed for a HOme Care Package which will give me the support I need.

I would recommend Michelle to anyone needing that extra help.

Ann Davies, Gordonvale