Helping you navigate Aged Care funding & services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an Aged Care consultant/navigator?

The Aged Care system is complex, confusing, and time-consuming.  An Aged Care navigator can make the process of accessing Aged Care Services quicker, easier, and less stressful for you.

What is Aged Care and who can access it?

Aged Care is the support provided to Australians aged 65 years and over (and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 years and over) who can no longer live without support.  The Australian government subsidises Aged Care support under the Aged Care Act.

Aged Care support can include everyday living and other needs. It can be provided in people’s homes, the community, and in residential Aged Care facilities (nursing homes).

What kinds of Aged Care Services could I get in my own home?

Aged Care Services can include:

  • Walking frames and mobility equipment
  • Transport and social outings
  • Personal care
  • Health care including nursing or medical care
  • Allied health services
  • Counselling
  • Help with everyday living including housework, shopping, or cooking
  • House and garden maintenance and home modifications

What types of Aged Care Services are available?

Aged Care Services in your home

  • Commonwealth Home Support Programme — access to entry-level support services to help you live independently and safely at home
  • Home Care Packages — more complex care needs at home

Flexible Care

  • Short Term Restorative Care – a reablement program that has a goal of functional improvement, and can include equipment, modifications, and services to help regain strength or improve function. This funding is short-term – delivered over 8 weeks.
  • Transitional Care and Post Acute Care – designed to assist someone to regain independence after a health event.

Residential Aged Care (homes) 

Access to a room in a purpose-built residential facility, including healthcare and ongoing help with everyday tasks, if you are no longer able to live at home


Access to a temporary stay in a Residential Aged Care home with support, if you or your carer needs a break, or you can’t stay in your own home for a period of time.

How much will Aged Care Services cost me?

The cost of your Aged Care Services is different depending on the program you are under, and your means.

Aged Care Services in your home

  • Commonwealth Home Support Programme — these services are subsidized, but generally not free. Different providers may charge different hourly rates, however, generally, these are around $10-$20 an hour.
  • Home Care Packages — This service is free of charge for full pensioners. If you are partially or fully self-funded, you will be asked to contribute toward the cost of the care (income-tested).

Flexible Care

  • Short-Term Restorative Care – You will likely be asked to pay a small weekly amount toward the care (not means tested).
  • Transitional Care and Post Acute Care – You will likely be asked to pay a small weekly amount toward the care (not means tested).

Residential aged care (homes)

The cost of your room and your care depend on both your income and assets.


The cost of respite is not means tested.  You will pay the basic daily rate plus any additional services costs the facility offers/you take up.

I’m a self-funded retiree – am I entitled to Aged Care?

Yes – every Australian is eligible for Aged Care.

If you are self-funded, you may need to contribute toward the cost of the care, however, in most cases, you will pay significantly less than if you attempted to access care directly.

There are many benefits to accessing the government aged care system other than financial benefits, including getting access to expertise to ensure you remain safe, comfortable, and well, and ensuring a coordinated approach to your Aged Care and support as you age.

Where Am I On The Journey?

Whether you’re considering Home Care Services, Residential Aged Care Services, or just need help responding to a change, let us help you navigate Aged Care Services & funding.

Daughter taking care of her elderly mother

At The Start

I have identified a need for support and want to understand options.

older man getting help from his daughter and carer

On My Way

I’ve registered with My Aged Care but don’t have enough support.

mother and daughter getting care

Something Has Changed

My situation has changed and I need help immediately.

Sunbird Aged Care Navigation

Sunbird Aged Care Navigation will wrap support around you to decrease stress and get you a quicker outcome to access Aged Care Services for you or your loved one.

Home Care


Help to understand what is available, access funding, find the right Home Care Package provider and get value for money.

Residential Aged Care & Respite


We take the stress out of finding the right residential home or respite facility.

Aged Care Navigation & Consulting


On demand advice when you need it.