Sunbird Navigation Team

Helping you navigate Aged Care funding & services.

About Michelle

Originally from country Victoria, I have a variety of qualifications, including Accounting (CPA), Project Management, and Process Improvement.  However, my passion has always been around finding ways to make systems and processes simpler.

The last part of my career was spent in Aged Care, where I needed to learn/become an expert in the many steps and options around accessing Aged Care funding and services.

That experience made me realise just how complicated these processes are for families trying to access reasonable levels of good quality/value Aged Care Services. I moved to Cairns in 2020 to support my parents, and through assisting them to get access to support, I developed a passion for finding a way to help others.  I started Sunbird to make sure seniors and families get the Aged Care Services they are entitled to and to take the stress out of accessing Aged Care Services.

About Melynda

Originally from Sydney and the NSW Central Coast, I moved to Cairns with my two children in 2007. My background is diverse to say the least, including a nursing career that originated at Concord Repatriation Hospital in Sydney in 1990. I have always considered myself to be a dedicated and compassionate provider of elderly care.

I moved away from direct care nursing for some time in 2009 to expand my skillset—working in operations management, and training and business development. Throughout this time, I never lost my passion for assisting those in need and looking to make a difference.

Through Sunbird, we will make that difference by being patient, personable and professional in responding to client needs, with a gentle touch and caring attitude centred on treating all with dignity and respect.

Where Am I On The Journey?

Whether you’re considering Home Care Services, Residential Aged Care Services, or just need help responding to a change, let us help you navigate Aged Care Services & funding.

Daughter taking care of her elderly mother

At The Start

I have identified a need for support and want to understand options.

older man getting help from his daughter and carer

On My Way

I’ve registered with My Aged Care but don’t have enough support.

mother and daughter getting care

Something Has Changed

My situation has changed and I need help immediately.

Sunbird Aged Care Navigation

Sunbird Aged Care Navigation will wrap support around you to decrease stress and get you a quicker outcome to access Aged Care Services for you or your loved one.

Home Care


Help to understand what is available, access funding, find the right Home Care Package provider and get value for money.

Residential Aged Care & Respite


We take the stress out of finding the right residential home or respite facility.

Aged Care Navigation & Consulting


On demand advice when you need it.